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They Promised Us Gold

When the government institutes a stimulus plan in which minors are allowed to get a fast track on their military careers, three boys join up, along with thousands of others. Follow their adventures as they battle through simulations and an ever growing uneasiness that the plan may hold secrets none of them dreamed about.

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 Brian and Vivian are transported to a mystical where the real worlds dreams occur. When Brian is told he was been chosen to rule one of the realms within it, he and Vivian must make a choice; take up the mantle of ruling and governing a world not their own, or going back to the comfort of home.





***My 2012 NaNoWriMo Work*** ***

NOTE*** This is in the process of being very heavily edited. I’m working on a way to get the feel across without heavy-handed religion in the text. As it stands, this is not how I want this book or this series to go.

***Second Draft***

In the tower city of Mergatroid, River Axelheim and her friends live in secret with their religion, Candonianism. With the government marking their religion a terrorist group, they have enough on their plate keeping it covert. One fateful night, they learn of Candoniasism’s opposite; Venstusianism. A violent religion, hinging on eerie and inhumane rituals. River and her friends are the only people who can stop the corruption of the city, and the corruption runs deep.



IMG_0098.JPGJohanna and Cyrus met before the uprising before they were locked on opposite sides of the wrong war, a war about money. When the world’s economy collapsed, Johanna and Cyrus struggled, orphans. They found in each other more family than they ever had before.