#writingexcuseschallenge Day 1!

It’s day one!

Yep, it’s really close to midnight, on the first day of my self-administered challenge. And I’m only just now posting my blog for the first day of the challenge.

I, admittedly, didn’t come up with the ideas today that I wrote about, they are older ideas that bear rehashing.

Five different story ideas in 150 words or less.
1) From an interview or conversation you’ve had.
In a world bent on the destruction of Mosquitos, working class citizens are tasked with spraying the world with DEET, while the higher classes bodies are cryogenically frozen and their brains put into jars with monitors to project their thoughts. One small task force is charged with taking out the Nest, but that task is fraught with peril.
2) From research you’ve done
The scouts of world war two were often young boys, very brave sent into battle with messages, often with top secret ramifications. Historical romance about one of those young boys and his best friend.
3) From observation (go for a walk!)
The day he met her, he watched her eat a whole saltine cracker in one bite. Such a small human, consuming the wafer with lips like a slit to allow the girth into her mouth. She chewed, sitting back in her plastic dining hall chair at the plastic dining hall table, swigging back ginger ale.
4) From a piece of media (watch a movie)
Haha! Avatar fan fiction about the baby hope from Season 2. What happens to her? Perhaps she goes on to be an earth bender, with clips of what the Avatar is doing in the background. She can go to Earth bending school and finds a funny combo animal to be her best friend.
5) A piece of music (with or without lyrics)
Plumb- Children of the Heavenly Father
I wrote a scene once, with this song playing in the background, as a whole ship was torn apart by forces of the sea. A woman singing the song, holding tight to her adopted children in the hold of the ship. Leaping over the side as the fire got to the gun powder. Singing it as she paddled them to safety. And finally being picked up by her fiancé, falling asleep.

T-minus 2 Days

I’m super excited about starting the #writingexcuseschallenge on Friday! It’s going to be the perfect way to get me to sit and write for 62 days!

I haven’t heard from anyone else who is doing this challenge. But, that’s not such a big deal. I’m mostly just doing this for me and my books. I wanted to share it with everyone else, just because. It might be fun!

I’ve Taken the #writingexcuseschallenge! Crap… Now What?

So, I’ve thrown the gauntlet, I don’t know if anyone else has, but I guess I’m just gonna do it. Starting April 1st, for 52 days, I will do one of the prompts from each Writing Excuses Season 10 episode. Just go through it. They call it a master class, that means I should be a master by the time I’m done right? No? That’s not what it means? Well… crap.

I myself am going to be editing my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel, which I just published the second draft on WattPad this morning. That monster is currently 62,000 words and is going through a major plot and metaphor overhaul. As in, I’m changing EVERYTHING including adding and changing an entire trial/fail cycle.

I’m planning on doing that in 10 days. With an 8 month old. Feel free to laugh at my insanity and send me pity chocolate.

If you’re wondering what you should do before April 1st, edit a book, start a blog, follow me on Twitter @zoe_queen_peril or on WattPad @maureenllomond. Or, you can edit your book, listen to some Writing Excuses podcasts, or pick a story you want to edit during the 52 week #writingexcuseschallenge.

Read up on what all this is- https://maureenllomond.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/writing-excuses-challenge/

Get the Schedule!- https://maureenllomond.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/writingexcuseschallenge-april-schedule/



#writingexcuseschallenge April Schedule!!!


1st- Writing Excuses 10.1: Seriously, Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

2nd- Writing Excuses 10.2: I Have an Idea; What Do I Do Now?

3rd- Writing Excuses 10.3: Lovecraftian Horror

4th- Writing Excuses 10.4: Q&A on Ideas

5th- Writing Excuses 10.5: What Do You Mean My Main Character is Boring?

6th-       Writing Excuses 10.6: The Worldbuilding Revolves Around Me (“The Magical 1%”)

7th-        Writing Excuses 10.7: Who Are All These People?

8th- Writing Excuses 10.8: Q&A on Character

9th-        Writing Excuses 10.9: Where is My Story Coming From?

10th-        Writing Excuses 10.10: Q&A with the I Ching

11th-        Writing Excuses 10.11: Project In Depth: “Parallel Perspectives”

12th-        Writing Excuses 10.12: Story structure Q&A, with Special Guest Wesley Chu

13th-        Writing Excuses 10.13: Where is My Story Going?

14th-        Writing Excuses 10.14: How Much of the Beginning Needs to Come First?

15th-        Writing Excuses 10.15: Worldbuilding Wilderness with Wes Chu

16th-        Writing Excuses 10.16: What Do I Do With All This Blank Space?

17th-        Writing Excuses 10.17: Q&A on Beginnings

18th-        Writing Excuses 10.18: Build an Entire World? Are You Crazy?

19th-        Writing Excuses 10.19: Intrigue

20th-        Writing Excuses 10.20: How Do I Write a Story, Not an Encyclopedia?

21st-        Writing Excuses 10.21: Q&A on World Building

22nd-        Writing Excuses 10.22: Project-in-Depth—Of Noble Family

23rd-        Writing Excuses 10.23: Can You Tell Me How To Show?

24th-       Writing Excuses 10.24: Hooking Younger Readers

25th-        Writing Excuses 10.25: What Makes a Scene?

26th-        Writing Excuses 10.26: Q&A on Scenes and Description

27th-        Writing Excuses 10.27: Why Can’t I Just Jump to the Ending?

28th-        Writing Excuses 10.28: Polytheism in Fiction, with Marie Brennan

29th-        Writing Excuses 10.29: Why Should My Characters Fail Spectacularly?

30th-        Writing Excuses 10.30: Q&A on Middles, with Marie Brennan


I’m not sure how long this format will be relevant, if I’m completely honest. I think even three years ago, a blog would have had a better chance taking off than it does now. I think that anyone would have a much easier time taking off with a vlogging channel on YouTube than they would writing a text blog on a hosting site.

With all of that in mind, I’m starting a blog anyway. Now. In 2016. Not in 2003 or even 2006, when blogs were THE hot thing. Now it’s Snapchat and Vine; not even Facebook and Twitter are taking off as fast as those formats anymore. And those are the old hat. What’s next? What’s the next big thing?Not gaming channels, everyone and their dog has one of those. Not Twitch; same thing as the gaming channels, there. Even Periscope is burnt out. No one is doing that anymore. That was a fun toy for all of three seconds and now we’re just playing with the box and wrapping paper, thank you.

All this to say, I don’t know what I’m thinking, starting to pour out the words in my brain into an outdated format. Maybe I can post some lazy vlogs here, too. I’ll do some writing prompts. Maybe game reviews, recipes, who knows? Book reviews would be a good idea, too. Don’t expect makeup tutorials, that’s just not gonna happen. Have you seen me? Oh…

I’m a writer, and a sarcastic one at that. I look to writers like Terry Pratchett and Anthony Bourdain for style and humour reference. Don’t take anything I do too seriously, unless it has something to do with food. That I don’t mess around with, too serious.

I’d like to write with a bit more, purpose. I suppose that’s the biggest thing. Just purpose. It’s important that it has a bit more purpose than being “Mommy”. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a full-filling full-time job. Love being a mom. But I’ve gone far too long with no writing in my life. I love my son, but I need something else. And as the Dowager countess once said” [I] am a perfectly capable young woman with adequate means and intellect. Stop whining and find something to do.” I love Downton Abbey, don’t judge.

In the end, my intention is to just write. No matter who reads or if anyone reads. I just want to make sure I have something out there.

Writing Excuses Challenge

I’ve got an idea, bear with me.


Take the Season 10 masterclass and turn it into NaNoWriMo.

Today, I’m catching up on Writing Excuses podcasts. It’s hard to listen to any podcast when you have a small infant, much less do the writing prompts. Now the varmint has graduated to rug-rat, I find myself with time to write. It seems to be a fairly safe activity for me while the small one does his thing. Not too loud, so I can make sure he doesn’t eat any hair accessories or bleach.

While listening, I decided to go through each of the writing prompts from Season 10, taking one every day. It seems fairly insane, insane enough to be right up my alley! Then, I though to myself, why keep all the fun to myself?

So, join me! Starting April 1st, we are going to do this! Do one of the prompts each day from the Master Class, Season 10. Tweet it out and spread the word! #writingexcuseschallenge

I’ll be posting the results of my prompts right here!