My name is Zoë Fleischer and I am from Eagle River, Alaska and have been writing for over ten years.

A storyteller from a young age, I kept many journals with story ideas and often played with complex narratives in everyday play. My sister and cousins played that we were spies, the descendants of Robin Hood, race car drivers, and so on.

When I reached an older age, I began writing as fervently as I read books. My first work was “finished” at fourteen, however needed and still needs further polishing. Books and writing became a way of life. I wrote all through high school, even as I thought of other degrees to pursue in college, from culinary arts to fashion design.

I finally settled on English as a major and took courses from The University of Alaska Anchorage. My studies halted, however, when my boyfriend from freshman year of college, took his own life.

I dropped out of school soon after that and drifted for about a year, struggling with what I really wanted to do. I took a job at an insurance firm, and quit soon after; the analytical work was not for me. In November of 2012, I participated in my first NaNoWriMo; I enjoyed it so much, I made the firm decision to make writing my career.

I decided to go back to school, however the University where my deceased boyfriend and I had met was not an option. A year and a half after his death I was accepted into Seattle Pacific University for their Creative Writing Program and moved down to Seattle.

Two weeks after that, my boyfriend of only a month, Joseph, asked me to marry him. I accepted and we married Summer 2014. Three months later we were expecting our son, Marcellus.

Despite being pregnant, I continued my studies at Seattle Pacific, studying under Suzanne Wolf in my field. I learned a lot under her tutoring, and wrote four short stories and received high marks for all. Encouraged in the knowledge that I really did know what I was doing, my husband and I felt confident that we could make the hard decisions ahead.

With the birth of our son just around the corner, we decided that August after he was born, we should move back to Alaska. We felt the decision would be best for Marcellus. In my home state, I would be a full-time mom and a part-time writer.

And that’s where we are, now. Marcellus crawling and gaining independence, I’m able to, once again, pick up the pen and begin telling stories. There is nothing I’d rather do.


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