#WritingExcusesChallenge Day 17

And we are trucking along… trucking along…

Writing Excuses Podcast 10.17

I’m not going to take forever carving out my answers to the questions with this one. Seriously. I’m just not. I need to get to the good part, the prompt. SO lets cut to the chase. Really, if you want to know all the answers, just listen to the podcast and support these awesome people.

Writing Prompt

Take the world-building you’ve done, write your beginning, and then secretly write down your “gee-whiz.” Now run that beginning past some alpha readers, and have them attempt to identify the “gee-whiz.” Compare their answers with your own.

I’m not even joking, JUST did this with my Dad and my friend Astrid (HAAAAIIII STRIID!!!) I will update you in the morning with the text convo that they send me!!! I’ll even send it past my mom, perhaps.


***UPDATE*** (Literally Five Minutes Later)

This is what my lovely friend Astrid told me when I sent her my beginning.

Honestly, no. It’s good but it’s almost formula, doesn’t feel natural enough. The genre and tone make me feel interested but I want something new, something engaging, a mystery or a lead, something that makes me question my worldview or morals or something bizarre. I love the style of diving right into dialogue. But as someone who has watched every action film on the planet, (like many of your readers may have) I want you to SHOCK me. I mean, hardcore. Death isn’t shocking anymore, scandals don’t necessarily intrigue because it feels normal. Give me something INTENSE to grab my attention. 🤓 I don’t know what that is haha. But you can do it!!!!!!


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I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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