18th- Writing Excuses 10.14: How Much of the Beginning Needs to Come First?

19th- Writing Excuses 10.15: Worldbuilding Wilderness with Wes Chu

20th- Writing Excuses 10.16: What Do I Do With All This Blank Space?

21st- Writing Excuses 10.17: Q&A on Beginnings

22nd- Writing Excuses 10.18: Build an Entire World? Are You Crazy?

23rd- Writing Excuses 10.19: Intrigue


25th- Writing Excuses 10.20: How Do I Write a Story, Not an Encyclopedia?

26th- Writing Excuses 10.21: Q&A on World Building

27th- Writing Excuses 10.22: Project-in-Depth—Of Noble Family

28th-  Writing Excuses 10.23: Can You Tell Me How To Show?

29th- Writing Excuses 10.24: Hooking Younger Readers

30th-Writing Excuses 10.25: What Makes a Scene?


Author: maureenllomond

I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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