#WritingExcusesChallenge Day 12

Ha! This is the last one for today! I’m so excited! I think I finally have this in hand.

I may have to make a rule for writing prompts in the future; Sundays are my free day. I’ll see if I can get things shifted properly, or I’ll get ahead so things are still released on the correct day. That would probably be the better idea.

Writing Excuses 10.12- Story structure Q&A, with Special Guest Wesley Chu

These question and answer episodes have such a weath of information in them! If this blog hasn’t made you check out the Writing Excuses Podcast, I must be doing this all wrong! I’m not affilated with these authors at all. I’ve never met any of them, never done their retreats, never been on thier payroll for the podcast. I just love it! Please go check them out so they get the listens they deserve.

I’m just going to skip ahead to the prompt.


Make a list of all the awesome things you want your story to accomplish. Then put them in the order in which you want them to happen.

These prompts just make it harder and harder to blog. Because some of them make it so I cannot do a blog post. Maybe I can tell you about a couple of them, and you will just have to take my word for the rest of them.


One thing I really need to have happen is Maya’s story arc. She needs to find out that she’s not as useless as she thinks. She’s not as bad at being good at things as she thinks. She makes an impossible sniper shot and uses her sweet talking for the good of the group, rather than getting Leora into trouble. 

There you have it, just a small list. I’ll order it tomorrow, while I listen to episode 13. 


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I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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