#writingexcuseschallenge Day 9

These are the chronicles of how Zoë got behind ONE DAY on her writing prompts and then NEVER GOT CAUGHT UP EVER AGAIN.

Yeah. It’s a bit frustrating, however I made this thing up for myself. Maybe I can bend the rules. Yes, I made the schedule, but I can also unmake it.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed. And if anyone is adhering to the schedule, I’ll keep it posted and just make an updated version for this month and next month.

Writing Excuses Podcast 10.9- Where is my story coming from?

I’m going keep my or synopsis short and sweet for this episode, just because I have a million and a half prompts to do if in going to stay on top of it. And I have to drive to my parents today. Many reasons.

If you take anything away from this episode, take away that structure will dictate the TONE of your book. If you’re writing a mystery novel, there are certain beats that you MUST hit. One thing that makes this super difficult is if you are a discovery writer.

Discovery writers are people who don’t outline. They know where they are going, however, they don’t have to sit down and outline the whole story to be able to write it all down, like an outline writer does.

Guess which one I am?

Yep, discovery.

I cannot outline my books to save my life. And believe me, I have tried! When I sit down and try to outline, in the way that people think with all the bullets, my brain BREAKS. I cannot do it. I loose all passion for the project and never want to pick it up again. It’s awful.

So, trying to outline for me, not s good plan. So how do I structure my tone?

I have no idea. This is the biggest stumbling block for me; an unclear tone. I should probably figure out my tone. I should probably look up a lot of fixes for this and articles. If I figure it out. I’ll tell you.

I like doing a stream of consciousness synopsis, which doesn’t plan out the story scene by scene, but does bring us through major plot points and makes me hit my certain beats.

Writing Prompt

Take a favorite piece of of media (but not something YOU created,) and reverse engineer an outline from it.

What if I don’t want to? Okay, not in the scene by scene way. But I can do it with my stream of consciousness.

Take an episode of NCIS (I love NCIS, I think it’s super fun, not my FAVOURITE, but I still like it)

First we have the finding the body scene. This reveals who the victim is and that they are somehow connected to the US Navy.

Next we have an office or walking into the office scene, usually with DiNozzo bragging about some conquest from the night before or that he’s really falling in love. Sometimes, we are making fun of McGee. Then Gibs hears some inappropriate comment, smacks DiNozzo in the head and they go on their merry way.

CRIME SCENE! Here they are talking about the perp, probably still talking about whatever they were talking about in the office, and taking a ton of pictures.

Then we get to go see Abby, who will reveal some plot twist, and thus can be any number of things. There are more victims than we thought. There are more killers than we thought. The weapon that we found at the murder scene isn’t how they died. That sort of thing.

Gibbs then goes and grabs someone who he thinks is the perpetrator. He learns an alibi and leaves this person alone.

Then Gibbs goes to find Ducky and there is a body on a table cut open. Wonderful gore wagon deliciousness happens and Ducky gives us a twist about the death we didn’t have before.

He goes to get another person he believes is the perpetrator. They reveal an alibi. He goes back to the first person and they are the murderer with a fake alibi! Tadaaaaaa!

I know I’m behind. I’m working on it… Slowly.


Author: maureenllomond

I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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