#WritingExcusesChallenge Day 11

While I’m still working to get caught up, I’m feeling much better than I did last night. I feel like I finally have this under control and like this project is moving in a direction I’m happy with. Last night, the prompt was so off the wall and felt like more of a story seed than prompt. I’ll mill it over and see if I can get something of a later date?

Writing Excuses Podcast 10.11
This one was funny to listen to, Howard went through such an interesting process for getting this book together. It was great. You can’t get the book for free anymore to read it for this podcast, so I wasn’t able to read the work. But I hope to soon.

I won’t go through this whole episode either. You will just have to listen it in your own.

I also have a problem posting my prompt for today.

Writing Prompt:

Next month we’re going to talk Beginnings: decide on the promises you want to make to your readers in your story. Then outline according to those promises.

This would mean I’m posting spoilers for my book! So, I’ll take some photos of my journal and you can just take my word for it. I wrote this out.

But what I can tell you is what promises I hope to fulfill.

It’s a thriller fugitive, so I hope to hit those beats and in the series we will find out who framed the characters for a grizzly crime.

See at the next prompt!


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I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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