#WritingExcusesChallenge Day 8

I have GOT to get caught up. I just need to work on this post for today, and then tomorrow will be fine…


Writing Ecxcuses 10.8

Huzzah! Another Question and Answer episode!

This means that the Writing Excuses Website has a lovely transcript of the questions asked and the answers given. If you need to take a look at those, make sure to check out their website.

Right now, we are just going to focus on the writing prompt.

Sketch out the events before and after your dead-drop scene from last week and three weeks ago.

Oh boy. Well.. we notice that it says “sketch out” and not “describe”. So we shall just have to take it at that, won’t we?

Writing Prompt

 One Week Previous 

Egan is about to go into under cover, why and with whom? If this novel is doing exactly what I think it is, then it’s a fugitive novel. Well… Let’s keep it that way, it’s mah sub plot! (Just… Imagine that was with a Scottish accent. I know. Amuse me, come on.)

So, who would Egan be in hiding with? The resistance? Or… Maybe he was just alone, trying to keep the others out of it? Or trying to find Charlotte. 

I like that he would be trying to find Charlotte. It’s sweet and gives him a good motivation and want. If nothing else he just wants to find her and keep her safe. He has no idea who she is, he just wants her to be safe. 

Okay, so he’s keeping an eye on Charlotte while on the run. He’s keeping the rest of the group at a distance, but still asking for tech from Leo. 


Because they are trying to figure out who is framing them for the assassination, but Egan just wants to find Charlotte. It can be an obsession for him at this point. 

One week before the dead drop, Egan finds her and begins watching here. Three weeks before that, a mental breakdown. He has nightmares, is begging Parker to tell him who Charlotte is. Parker won’t, adhering to what the military doctors told him about Egan’s mental condition. Egan isn’t satisfied and coerces Leo into finding Charlotte. He leaves in the middle of the night. Parker goes nuts, thinking that he’s just lost Egan forever. 

Well… There it is. A bit stream of consciousness, but it will work. 


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