#writingexcuseschallenge Day 2

Day 2! And it’s 10pm. Better than last night, but not by much. At least, I’m sitting down and doing it.

As I was listening to the podcast for today’s prompts, I realized that it would have been better if I’d taken ideas from the book I want to work on for the next 52 days, not the ones that I did. Either way, it’s a valuable exercise.

So Episode 2 of Season 10 cracks off with the intent of showing us how to use the ideas that we come up with in writing. How to turn them into a story. I love that Mary talks about what kind of black market would spring up around an idea in the story. It seems like a perfect way to come up with conflict, also her trying to find a way that the idea would be misused in the context of the story. Also, Brandon talks about worldbuilding and how the simplest thing can “ruin someone’s day”. Who would it hurt or help? Who has a stake and who has agency?

One of our writing prompts is combining ideas, and Brandon talks about this one, that it’s important to do so. I like the idea of combining the two things, but not going for the low hanging fruit.

Speaking of low hanging fruit, I also love the idea from Mary about not going for the most complicated thing, as it may be the least plausible. It makes lots of sense. Make them into a milliner.

With all these things in mind, here is what I came up with for today’s homework.

Take two of them and combine them into one story.
What if you took the messenger one and the saltine premise, and that’s how they meet. The girl is sitting there eating crackers.

Take one and change the genre underneath it.
The scene about the ships exploding with the woman singing a song. Take it, and instead of it being essentially fantasy turn it into a sci-fi. The only problem is jumping overboard? Nah, you can throw them into an escape pod. And they can still get picked up by Brian, whole and happy.

Take one and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it.
This one is more difficult. Do I take the one about the baby from Season 2 of Avatar? Can’t do that, that’s fixed, it’s someone else’s world. The other one is different. I didn’t actually have any characters in mind for that one. It’s harder. So, my first inclination is to have it be girls, but in that process, I would have realized that boys doing this job would be the best. However, then I would want to have a girl to take down the nest and be one of the only girls in the squad. So back to a young girl. But why not an older one? Just an older lady, maybe she’s bored. Needs something to do with the kids gone. So she jumps into this head one. Get some good cash. So she joins up and is the best person they’ve had in ages. And she doesn’t bloody quit.

Take the last one and have the character make the opposite choice.
Oh dear. What choice does Baby Hope have to make? The choice to become an earth bender? Nah, that’s an obvious choice. She goes to earth bending school and then she… what… has the choice of joining the army or… I don’t think I know enough about the world to make a choice. Maybe she falls in love and has to stay with him or go to the war? What if she stays with him and the war finds her anyway and she has to go? What if she goes and he dies in the war? What if the whole thing is to choose the ending? Read both ways the story could end.
As I wrap up the second day, I’m starting to be glad I did this. This, for me, is exactly what I need right now. My baby is a wonderful thing to be occupying me all day, but I need to write. It really is how I breathe. I’m more snappish and cranky with my husband if I don’t write. Maybe not a breathing metaphor, then. Maybe, writing is more like food.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.


Author: maureenllomond

I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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