#writingexcuseschallenge Day 1!

It’s day one!

Yep, it’s really close to midnight, on the first day of my self-administered challenge. And I’m only just now posting my blog for the first day of the challenge.

I, admittedly, didn’t come up with the ideas today that I wrote about, they are older ideas that bear rehashing.

Five different story ideas in 150 words or less.
1) From an interview or conversation you’ve had.
In a world bent on the destruction of Mosquitos, working class citizens are tasked with spraying the world with DEET, while the higher classes bodies are cryogenically frozen and their brains put into jars with monitors to project their thoughts. One small task force is charged with taking out the Nest, but that task is fraught with peril.
2) From research you’ve done
The scouts of world war two were often young boys, very brave sent into battle with messages, often with top secret ramifications. Historical romance about one of those young boys and his best friend.
3) From observation (go for a walk!)
The day he met her, he watched her eat a whole saltine cracker in one bite. Such a small human, consuming the wafer with lips like a slit to allow the girth into her mouth. She chewed, sitting back in her plastic dining hall chair at the plastic dining hall table, swigging back ginger ale.
4) From a piece of media (watch a movie)
Haha! Avatar fan fiction about the baby hope from Season 2. What happens to her? Perhaps she goes on to be an earth bender, with clips of what the Avatar is doing in the background. She can go to Earth bending school and finds a funny combo animal to be her best friend.
5) A piece of music (with or without lyrics)
Plumb- Children of the Heavenly Father
I wrote a scene once, with this song playing in the background, as a whole ship was torn apart by forces of the sea. A woman singing the song, holding tight to her adopted children in the hold of the ship. Leaping over the side as the fire got to the gun powder. Singing it as she paddled them to safety. And finally being picked up by her fiancé, falling asleep.

Author: maureenllomond

I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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