Writing Excuses Challenge

I’ve got an idea, bear with me.


Take the Season 10 masterclass and turn it into NaNoWriMo.

Today, I’m catching up on Writing Excuses podcasts. It’s hard to listen to any podcast when you have a small infant, much less do the writing prompts. Now the varmint has graduated to rug-rat, I find myself with time to write. It seems to be a fairly safe activity for me while the small one does his thing. Not too loud, so I can make sure he doesn’t eat any hair accessories or bleach.

While listening, I decided to go through each of the writing prompts from Season 10, taking one every day. It seems fairly insane, insane enough to be right up my alley! Then, I though to myself, why keep all the fun to myself?

So, join me! Starting April 1st, we are going to do this! Do one of the prompts each day from the Master Class, Season 10. Tweet it out and spread the word! #writingexcuseschallenge

I’ll be posting the results of my prompts right here!


Author: maureenllomond

I'm a wife and a mommy in Alaska, I write for fun!

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